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Lex Tunes is my personal music project that I’ve been working on since 2017– it’s one of those one-person record label sort of things. More than anything my aliases are a tool to determine what genre an album is and what to expect.I make all of my music using Auxy pro.Music is a side hobby I don’t take as seriously as some others, but any songs I release on my bandcamp are songs I feel happy enough with to show everyone who’s willing to listen.So, hope you enjoy!

This guide is temporary while I redo the aliases’ pages!Alias 01 - Lex - Space Fennec, female, produces rave/hardcore/happy hardcore.
Alias 02 - axela - Kitsune, female, produces genreless “vent music”.
Alias 03 - Ice Sickle - Kamaitachi weasel, male, produces more “serious toned” hardstyle, gabber and speed dance.
Alias 04 - Zennie - maneki neko, male, makes “electro-acoustic” orchestral music. Formerly known as Zeneko.
Alias 05 - Casualle - chihuahua, female, makes raggacore and breakcore.
Alias 06 - L00 - inter-dimensional alien cat, female, makes oversaturated trappy hardcore with some amount of distortion.
Alias 07 - Feedback.exe - bat eared fox/cardigan welsh corgi/sentient computer virus, female, mainly makes juke— sometimes makes “chaotic breakbeat”.
Alias 08 - Ribonucleic Offense Berator/Rob - plant mainecoon cat, agender (goes by male pronouns), makes speedcore and shitcore, seldom with a serious tone.
Alias 09 - GAMMA RAY BURST - kangaroo/deer resembling long bodied alien, male, makes oldschool gabber music with emphasis on the oldschool.
Alias 10 - Coconut Hemluck - toy poodle, female, makes plunderphonics/mashups. it isn’t super often I get inspiration to make music under her name.
Alias 11 - YOTTABITE - red panda, female, makes reggaeton/speed dance hybrid music. less serious tone than ice sickle.
Alias 12 - wixie - candle ghost cabbit, female, makes breakbeat with some progressive house elements.
Alias 13 - Twinkle Fatigue - phantom Siamese cat, female, makes DnB.
Alias 14 - Lady Onion - hisuian zoroark, female, makes oversaturated loud sample based music. all about fair use babey
Others of note:
Bellatrix - female, westie. the drywall-eating manager of Lex Tunes. literally lives in Lex’s closet.
Cain - male, cat. Casualle and L00’s boyfriend who was abducted by aliens before and is sort of paranoid. Very likely to appear on the cover of L00’s next album with her.
Angel$park - female, sparkledog. a dimension hopping scientist who Rob really likes to torment for some odd reason. Appears on the cover of “RNA”.

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Name: Lex Fennec
Species: Extraterrestrial “Space Fennec”
Pronouns: she/her
Genre: Space Hardcore

Lex is me. She was made to represent me in every way; that's what a fursona is after all!Storywise though; the situation's quite different. Lex is an alien who looks strikingly like a twintailed fennec. She got bored of her life and decided to come to earth, where she now resides.

In honest truth, Lex is more representative of my online persona than anything. She's me, who I want to be, and more, and a very personal character to me.

She produces a mixed bag of genres from happy hardcore to rave/dance.

Lex's toyhou.se page

- The Old Stuff (2018)
- ROYGBIV (2018)
- my ears are bigger than ur walnut brain (2020)
- Out of This World! (2021)
- Hardcore For The Holidays (2022)

drawn by dillpickle9559

drawn by Cor-Puz

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Name: Yotta Byte
Species: Red Panda
Pronouns: she/her
Genre: Sunset Dembow Speed-dance

Yottabite is a red panda who is both a blank slate fursona and a mysterious Lex tunes character with little to no known info about her because of how private her personal life is. Outside of Lextunes, she’s a pretty well known streamer who goes by the alias Sunset Shake/just Shake. This double life just adds more mystery to what is really going on on her life… if she’s even real to begin with. For all we know, she’s probably an advanced holographic AI V-tuber.

YOTTABITE’s music is blatantly inspired by the Lapfox alias NegaRen’s older style, because, well, I liked it and want more of it to be out there. Sometimes there’s things you just gotta do yourself!Fun Facts:
- Her song ROBOT’S GOT TALENT was originally a Feedback.exe song but uh… yeah I dunno what happened either. All I know is it’s her best song next to Premonition lol

Yotta’s toyhou.se page

- YO YOTTA (2022)

drawn by starallies

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Name: Coconut Hemluck
Species: Toy Poodle
Pronouns: she/her
Genre: copyright infringement

Coconut Hemluck is based on my late toy poodle of the same name who I miss so much, so I made her into a silly character who produces good-time Truxton/Girl Talk style plunderphonics mashups.

It's sort of rare I get in the mood to make music under her name, but the songs I have made released under her name so far have slapped and I hope to make more!

Coconut's toyhou.se page

- Plunderpoodlephonics EP (2021)
- Hemluck Style (Single) (2023)

drawn by icecreampizzer

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Name: Ribonucleic Offense Berator
Species: Florafauna (Feline)
Pronouns: it/he
Genre: Trash Gabber Memecore

A sporadic entity with an excitable personality; Rob is a plant cat of little words. He can usually be seen staring into the distance. He possesses a few odd qualities along with that; due to his skeletal structure being composed entirely of roots, he can contort his body in odd ways, and his pupils can change shape.Rob's music relies heavily on sampling and crudely splicing different songs together. When listening to its music, one can clearly tell which sample packs it used and the musicians it was inspired by. It is a being of little originality, but it is happy that way.Rob can traverse dimensions too, and produces speedcore, shitcore, mashcore and gabber.

Rob's toyhou.se page

- Box Cat??? (2020)
- RNA (2021)
- Brainscramble Trash Tuesday EP (2023)

drawn by DreilDream

drawn by me (Lex)

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Name: Twinkle Kate Fatigue
Species: Siamese Cat (Wraith)
Pronouns: she/her
Genre: DnB-adjacent

Twinkle is a mysterious character. She’s usually napping and is constantly fatigued, hence her last name.Rumor has it that she isn’t actually alive, and is some kind of wraith. Which is why she rarely shows herself to others. Only Lex and Axela have seen her in person.Twinkle produces… drum & bass adjacent music, is probably the best way to describe it. Her style isn’t very consistent but that’s okay. I don’t really want it to be.Fun Facts:
- Insomnia, her 2nd album, took 2-3 years to make.

Twinkle’s toyhou.se page

- Supply and Demand (2020)
- Insomnia (2023)

drawn by Vesperlantern

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Name: axela
Species: dark matter entity/kitsune
Pronouns: she/it
Genre: n/a

Mysterious and secretive, Axela is the physical embodiment of Lex’s negative side and anxieties.Axela is mostly intangible. Her entire body is composed of star matter, except for her dark purple bits, which are made of tangible dark matter. She can add and subtract tails at will but prefers to keep the number of tails at two.Axela’s feelings of dread are so intense that she shows no emotion whatsoever. She’s one of my few characters who never smiles at all.Despite her not having a visible brain, it’s “all throughout her body”. Her brain waves, when the frequency is heightened, can be projected by herself onto musical programs and made into music.In a way, Axela has always persisted; she was formed after a star somewhere in the universe died hundreds of earth years ago, and then depended on latching onto anxious individuals and draining the vitality out of them. Lex was the one who she was attached to for the longest, thus why Axela now appears foxlike. Eventually she was ripped from Lex’s body and aftwerward, Axela started living as a normal(?) anthropomorphic animal rather than a happiness-draining parasite.She was a vent OC made during a rough patch in my life in 2017. She used to be a feral blue starry fox rather than an anthro purple one.I have considered giving Axela her own bandcamp page multiple times.To date, she has the most releases of any alias of mine.

Axela’s toyhou.se page (excuse the broken profile code lol)

- tones (2018)
- nothing road (2019)
- diaphoresis somnum (2019)
- quarantined (2020)
- intricacies. (2020)
- m o n o t o n y (2021) (with Zennie)
- ocular drift (2021)
- my vial of dew (2022)
- cold EP (2023) (with Zennie)

drawn by aviothium

drawn by Poobiss (featured on my vial of dew’s cover)

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Name: Loo
Species: Extraterrestrial Sparkle-Cat
Pronouns: she/they
Genre: Oversaturated Trappy Hardcore

The former empress of her own, lonely dimension made up entirely of polygons. She got lonely and destroyed it once certain she was the only creature in it— and gained her current form only upon entering the “real world”.
Though stripped of the power she formerly had, she still retains some odd powers such as levitation and psionic brain-squeezing abilities.
There’s sort of an odd melancholy about Loo, but she prefers not to dwell on the past… it’s unknown how she even ended up the ruler of a lone dimension in the past.
She bears an odd connection to the number 100, as her chosen musical alias is supposed to resemble it— or if you’re going off of semi-incorrect Roman numeral usage, 5000 (as L is the Roman numeral for 50).

- Dimension Collapse (2020)
- Artifracture (2022)

drawn by Mahjastrax

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Name: Casualle Chipon
Species: Chihuahua
Pronouns: she/her
Genre: Frantic Breakcore

Casualle is a college dropout chihuahua who works at a minimum wage job, finding a new one every 6 months, and making music in what little spare time she has, often staying up very late doing so.Her style can be distinguished by its speed of 180-250+ BPM; and its heavy reliance on percussion— namely pre-sliced amen breaks which she rearranges into sporadic pseudo-rhythms. She also tends to use many different arp loops per song.Her attention span is just as sporadic as the drums in her music. She’s very lazy and chill yet has the tendency to be snappy and bitey without meaning to be. She also harbors a lot of unnecessary self hatred. She is a night owl and loves puffy Cheetos.She can only see in black and white. Her bewitched glasses allow her to see in color.Fun Facts:
- The first track I officially made under the Casualle alias, Happenstance, is inspired by Regent Cid’s song Target— it even samples it; though the sample was added later down the line.
- Casualle was originally going to be a chihuahua who was also a noppera-bo; a faceless ghost from Japanese folklore who mimics faces. I, of course, scrapped this idea.
- Most if not all of Casualle’s breakcore loops are either pre sliced or manually sliced by me— seeing as I do not have a means to automatically slice them.
- Casualle is my personal favorite alias of mine

Casualle’s toyhou.se page

- Gray Area (2021)
- I’ll Wait (2021)
- The Black & White (2022)
- Femme Fatal EP (2023)

drawn by Pelin

drawn by Souichi

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Name: unknown (Ice Sickle is simply an alias)
Species: Kamaitachi (Japanese Weasel)
Pronouns: he/him
Genre: Gabber-esque

Ice Sickle is a mysterious kamaitachi (his specific weasel species is the Japanese Weasel) and is seldom seen. He is a hermit who is often hidden away from the rest of the world in the mountains.That doesn’t mean he hates socialization; he’ll socialize if he must, and he’s great at conversation so long as you don’t pester him about his past. Also, don’t ask him how he lost his eye, that’s a subject he’d prefer not to dwell on.
Ice Sickle’s specialty is fast paced music; originally speedcore and gabber, but his style has evolved into an odd combo of speed-dance and gabber, and sometimes Frenchcore.
Despite his tendency to isolate himself, he is very eager to collab with other artists.

Sickle's toyhou.se page

- Slash (2018)
- Don't Ask (2019/discontinued due to bad vibes)
- Cannon Ball + Gondola Drop (2022)

drawn by TwoTonedClown

drawn by me

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Name: Gamma Ray Burst
Species: Gammabeast
Pronouns: he/it
Genre: Nu-Oldskool Gabber

Gamma is a chaotic multidimensional ambiguously herbivorous being (looks similar to a kangaroo or deer— his species is called “Gammabeasts” by earthlings) who is responsible for causing his namesake throughout space. He is capable of wiping out timelines.
He produces gabber inspired by the likes of some of LindaAI-CUE’s tracks featured in the rhythm game Taiko no Tatsujin, namely Saitama 2000 and Kita Saitama 2000.
Most of GRB’s tracks maintain a steady BPM of 180-220, but occasionally they go over.
He can change size and body length. The banded parts of his body can also change to whatever color his brain wants, depending on his mood, sort of like a chameleon. These colors usually range from 2-6. His favorite color is a soft orange, hence why his bands are usually two shades of it.
Rob is his canonical boyfriend, and the two have collabed a number of times.
He’s worshipped as a sort of god/deity by Lex’s species on their home planet, in exchange for him not destroying theirs. Also, he could destroy our solar system any time he wants, he just hasn’t because he likes Earth too much.

Gamma’s toyhou.se page

- I HATE MUSIC (2023)

drawn by me

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Coming soon!

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Name: Lady Onion
Species: Hisuian Zoroark
Pronouns: she/her
Genre: Hyperflip Attempts

The original plan for lady onion was that she was going to be a hyperpop/bedroom-recorded SoundCloud rap joke alias— but instead, I’ve decided that she’ll be an (attempted) dariacore/hyperpop alias. She’s not one to be taken seriously, but she’s also a fursona I spiritually connect with. It’s odd with her.
Being that I don’t plan on making money on any music released under her name (it’ll all be mashed up copyrighted material anyway), I’m okay with saying that she’s a Hisuian Zoroark. Come at me, Nintendo!

Lady Onion’s toyhou.se page

- online (single) (resides on SoundCloud for now)

drawn by Grzybowt

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Coming soon!

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Name: BEiNG
Species: Boltzmann brain (sees itself as an anthropomorphic canine)
Pronouns: it/its or they/them
Genre: Noise/Music Hybrid— “Ear Massage Core”

A sentient being who formed spontaneously out of existence. In an effort to construct a physical body for itself, it’s been using soundwaves— resulting instead in the creation of what’s debatably music. The outlines of a body shown around it is a visual representation of the type of body they desire for themself, but do not have.It’s an alias for my experimentation with noise/bass focused music, something I hope to get much more into. And I think actually Musical noise music is something the world is severely lacking.

- n/a

drawn by me

I’ll Wait is an album by my musical alias Casualle. It is the second album released under her name— and unlike the previous album which was very experimental and somewhat frantic, this album focuses much more on emotion save for the fifth silly track, which samples my friend reading out the title of a deleted Wikipedia article. He is credited in the track’s name.

During the time I was making this album in early 2021, I was really struggling with my feelings, because I had a crush— and I wanted to tell them my feelings so badly but my rejection sensitive dysphoria was afraid things would become awkward between us if I confessed so soon. Suffice to say on Christmas of that year they confessed to me— and I returned their feelings but long distance relationships are really hard so we agreed to play things by ear.

The other big happening while I was making this album, I had a misunderstanding with a great friend of mine which caused me a lot of emotional strain and spurred me on to make the second and third tracks which are raw with emotion, and two of my magnum opus tracks under this alias to this day.

Ill Thoughts - My brain tends to come up with worst case scenarios on the spot, and the title “ill thoughts” is a reference to that. I am always afraid everyone will hate me and think the worst of me for small mistakes I make due to my experiences in middle and high school, and sadly this has since stuck with me. As for the track itself, it was an attempt at making a complex melodical piece with the addition of breakcore drums; and for how gritty it is, it’s a pretty nice track.
I’ll Wait - As explained above, this track was made after a misunderstanding with an friend. But more specifically, it’s about me waiting on them— waiting on them to feel better about talking to me again, as I had apologized but they needed time to themselves which I respected. This album’s description is about “waiting for love”, and while yes it is about that— it’s also waiting for not just romantic love but a friendship sort of love as well.